Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hitman Sniper Challenge PC 2012 Full Working Version Download

Hitman Sniper Challenge PC With Cr@ck
Hitman Sniper Challenge is the latest version of awesome series which is released for on May 15th, 2012. Hitman Sniper Challenge is the next and most awaited part is now available in full working saturation. It is a SKIDROW version and in my opinion it is most stable version. It took Hitman series to the whole new level with its awesome looking graphics. Now days most of games releasing are required high graphics and Hitman Sniper Challenge PC is one of them. Need a high quality graphics card is not only its need it also required high quality processor and Ram. More info about Requirement is listed below.

Hitman Sniper Challenge was announces on May 10th, 2011. After releasing its cool teaser picture on May 3rd later it is released for Xbox 360 and PS3 users on 15th. For PC users it release on Aug the 1st on steam. Most of its copies are pre-order from Steam and GameStop.

According to Gamespot Hitman Sniper Challenge is highest rated on Xbox as 9.0 and 8.8 on both PS3 and PC.

It is full of new challenges and cool features as listed below.

  1. Activate the mines
  2. Elevator ride
  3. Left out from the party
  4. They're always here
  5. Put the ninja out of his misery
  6. That is a knockout
  7. They don't need more alcohol
  8. No Pigeons Were Harmed
  9. Shoot the flying pigeon
  10. Gnomes are invading the apartment
  11. Remove the stripper evidence
  12. Kill all targets with head-shots
  13. Who is this mystery man? Mr. X
  14. Finish the assignment in 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Hitman Sniper Challenge PC Minimum Requirement

  • Windows Vista/7
  • 2Ghz of dual core
  • 1.6 GB of free space
  • 512 Mb of Graphics card
  • DirectX 10
To avoid any problem, please make sure that you have more than minimum requirements

Enjoy :)